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Smooth out big business travel and expense system give mechanized work process from travel/lodging/taxi appointments in India or anyplace on the planet with solicitations management to repayment.

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Travel & Expense Management

Expense Management

Our All-In-One Expense Management Software for organizations assists with your online expense management by taking care of the entirety of your expenses, approvals, and repayments.

Bring all your operational expenses on one stage. Asset, follow, and oversee them online, from any portable or work area gadget. Tracking expenses inside your business not just permits you to control worker spending, it additionally permits you to forestall superfluous expenses and recuperate costs identifying with projects, deals openings, and then some.

Control employee spending

By utilizing Savvy HRMS’s Online Expense Management Software to help deal with your group’s expenses, you are effectively ready to see and favor all expensed things that your employees submit. If you disagree with what has been submitted, you can without much of a stretch object/deny a user’s expense sheet with the snap of a catch.

Forestall unnecessary expenses

At the point when your group is precisely presenting their expense subtleties, you can rapidly observe where your business is costing you the expense and can consequently attempt to recuperate these expenses inside your projects. Perhaps it’s a portable bill or even mileage for on-location uphold; whatever the expense might be, our cloud-based expense management software ensures that you are consistently mindful of such expenses.

Become better coordinated

Since your group’s expense data is in one spot and accessible whenever your business can bid farewell to the case of expense receipts. With magnificent hunt usefulness, you can easily pull up the entirety of the expenses presented by a colleague, or even the complete number of KM asserted, sparing you and your records from additional exertion during charge season.

Financial plans and Expenses

Among different costs, Expense things identified with Projects can be followed by the expense tool and will be deducted from that specific Project’s Budget. This assists with giving you a more clear image of the genuine expense of your Projects.

What makes Savvy HRMS’s Expense Software the best expense management arrangement?

Expense receipt stockpiling

If your association expects receipts to be connected with expenses, submitting is more straightforward with the Savvy HRMS Expense management tool. You can without much of a stretch connect an advanced duplicate of your receipt alongside your expense.

Expense report management

Try not to get overpowered by singular expense sections. Unite your expenses by type or date, add them to a brought together expense report, and submit it in one bundle for approvers.

Expense approvals

Approval in Savvy HRMS Expense Management System is a snap. Custom strategies guarantee that expense reports are submitted to the proper individual dependent on the policy, or automatically affirmed or dismissed if they meet the correct measures.

Expense analytics

Each individual from an association can see scientific reports about their expenses and policy infringement, while administrators are aware of extra reports concerning the organization’s expenses.

Expense repayment

Expenses can be repaid online utilizing any Bank with which the association is tied up. When the reports are submitted and affirmed, they can be repaid using NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, or Bank move.

Real-Time Expense Feeds

See all organization spending in one focal spot as it occurs. View all expenses ordered and labelled and upheld with charge connections.

Brilliant Policy Checks

Add your organization’s expense arrangements to Savvy HRMS’s Expense Management and guarantee 100% consistency with our policy warnings and notices.

Employee expense management

Make representative expense management paperless and credit only. Enable employees to spend carefully while remaining in charge. Record and track all representative spending in one focal place and sync data effectively with your bookkeeping software.

Travel and Expense Management (T&E)

Deal with your brought together travel work process – beginning from travel orders and advances to revealing and recon with our incorporated travel and expense management software arrangement. Assume responsibility for whole travel expenses, guarantee 100% policy consistency and give your business travellers an extraordinary encounter and joy.

Travel integrated expense management solution

Savvy enables Finance teams to easily integrate with their preferred travel and expense management services. With an integrated travel and expense management software, you can collate and centralize all T&E expenses and T&E reports under a unified travel and expense dashboard

Paperless expense reporting solutions

Employees can go paperless during their business travel with Savvy receipt scanning feature.

Employees need to simply click a picture of the business expenses they wish to submit for reimbursements.Savvy embedded OCR technology extracts all the essential information from expense receipts and converts them into digital expense reports – ready for submission.

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