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Attendance & Leave Management

Real-time attendance handling with different alternatives for attendance catching and biometric equipment mix. Savvy HRMS Leave Management System Software is incorporated with nonattendance and leave management software; conveying you all the natural highlights required for an effective attendance management system.

Numerous Attendances Capturing Methods

The representative attendance can be caught from numerous sources

  • Employee login portal where he/she can check his attendance
  • Third-party equipment like Biometric gadget
  • Kiosk mode, from which the representative can check his attendance utilizing the PIN or swiping the ID card
  • Mobile friendly Geotagging & geo-fencing attendance
  • Easy face recognition attendance with mobile application

Biometric Device Configuration

Incorporate thumbing or face detection biometric gadgets, guarantee faultless, and consistent attendance catching.

Leave Policy

Arrange various kinds of leaves like sick leave, compensatory leave, unpaid leave, and so on, and make a straightforward leave policy for your organization.

Automatic Leave Request

Through Savvy HRMS, you can easily draft a leave request. Simply outline a request email, and it will soon convert into the leave request.

Leave Approval

Set numerous approvals focuses for specific leaves so that concerned specialists can successfully audit the leave requests.


Now easily access and manage the vacation request with Savvy HRMS. Get the leave notice and endorsement salaried\not pay rates trip. Regulate the leave requests and manage all your upcoming tasks with the best HRM software.

Automate Attendance Tracking With Our Employee Attendance Management

Positive workplace

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Timely attendance updates and mistake-free payroll prompts a more joyful labor force

Canny reports

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Fare and import data-rich reports to stay away from blunders or debates

Robotized attendance refreshes

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Kick back and appreciate the auto-count of worked and OT (overtime) hours

Work-shifts not anymore a weight

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It encourages you to adjust shift subtleties effectively with warnings for employees

Bid farewell to the old and tedious cycle of leave approvals over telephone or messages and state ‘Howdy’ to biometric attendance systems. Our cloud-based attendance management software lets your employees and directors tackle leave requests easily. You can see worker leave balance, occasion list, and some other records anytime anyplace. With the help of leave management software, you can handle different leave requests effortlessly and employees can likewise get their reactions in a fast manner.
Make a pathway to interface with your employees in the most ideal manner even before they get on board! Look at all the center highlights of Savvy HRMS.

Our online attendance and leave management software permit tweaking time-off accumulations dependent on the business prerequisites. The attendance module offers adaptable choices with the goal that you can set working hours, shift timings, and more for a specific worker, office, or class savvy. With biometric attendance management, you can likewise set separate working hours and settings for every worker too utilizing the expert subtleties.

Tracking a staff has gotten more straightforward and more precise with geo-tracking offices. Incorporated advances in particular geotagging and geofencing permits chiefs to plan their employees utilizing our versatile application. This permits Savvy HRMS to give exceptionally exact check In and check Out areas of a worker working distantly.
Geo Tagging creates exact area meta information and is extremely quick. Our attendance management module subsequently makes worker stamping and management straightforward in real-time for all divisions.

The AI-empowered facial acknowledgment attendance system/selfie-based attendance makes it speedy and secure for HR to lead attendance management. The component forestalls any intermediary or controlled information and gives the right information about the attendance of a representative utilizing facial acknowledgment attendance software.
Our natural attendance management makes distant representative management and commitment simpler for the organization.

For HR experts, it is basic to continually oversee rotational shift approaches and the attendance of employees. With the assistance of our worker attendance management system, you can make a system where shifts can be booked automatically dependent on the representative’s job and division. The automatic scheduler module resembles a major alleviation for HR divisions as it assists with pivoting shifts intermittently and sends earlier warnings to employees about their shifts.

Our attendance management software allows you to download/produce reports of all the necessary boundaries like late comments, shift subtleties and punches anytime. This dominant report would then be able to be traded for preparing payroll. To handle blunder free payroll, you require information like exact attendance subtleties, shift subtleties, overtime, and substantially more. Our online attendance system is equipped for satisfying all requirements of the HR group.

Online time and attendance systems like Savvy HRMS streamlines information coordination and helps in auto-time tracking of the staff and supporters, which, prompts effective and mistake-free payroll measures. You no more need to stress overtime utilization. Additionally, it is a decent tool for far off working staff wherein they can stamp attendance through live Geo-tracking and prepare their work environment for present-day employees.

A representative attendance system causes you to track, store, and deal with the progressing procedure on a real-time premise. The system underpins computerizing the salary cycle. It takes out worker time burglary and oversees the attendance of employees online. The put-away information could be gotten to simply by supervisors and HR individuals.

The motivation behind the attendance monitoring system is to help the human asset division to monitor employees’ in and out subtleties. You just compensate your employees for the time they work. HR tools likewise uphold different functionalities, for example, the creation of real-time reports, leave management, shift management, and overtime management. Thus, not any more erroneous punches and time entries!

Associations that are as yet following conventional strategies for worker attendance need to change to cloud-based attendance management software. This HR software takes advantage of the HR workforce by facilitating the weight of HR exercises.

Today, businesses need to comprehend that this is the correct platform where employees can stamp their attendance and get paid for their worked hours precisely and timely. Indeed, employees can check their attendance and leave balance on the ESS portal and that makes straightforwardness simultaneously.

Ascertaining definite working long periods of employees is a significant cycle particularly for payroll. Blunder in attendance tracking and payroll negatively affect employees’ resolve and efficiency. Without a solid attendance management tool, organizations may need to face payroll mistakes, consistency issues, and so forth In this way, supplant paper-based practices to record attendance with online attendance software and evade such situations.

All the attendance records of employees are accessible in only a couple of snaps and this information is valuable and essential for blunder-free salary preparation. Additionally, it assists with sparing time, tracks precise attendance records, and lessening regulatory work. In this way, from now, deny old practices and let your employees mark attendance online.

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