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No matter you run a small company or a big one. Our HR software is all set to cater to your business needs. A wholly customized and handy application is ready for you now.

Configure multiple policies in one umbrella

Now you have the complete opportunity to configure your various policies in centralized system. Access the full info from a single point in a few clicks. No more hassle now.

Roles & rights

Create multiple roles along with various rights. Now users can have access as per their requirements. Completely customized offer action rights as per your choice.

Employee Data rights

Offer the data access rights as per your choice. Allocate the data access right from your HR panel and from any point.

Configure probation & notice period

Fill the probation and notice period information in the HRMS Software as per your organization policy.

Configure email, sms notification templates

Update and configure the email, sms templates easily for any type of request and approval like leave, OD, punch regularization etc.. Free to configure Email, SMS templates available in the HRIS Software.

Approval process flow (nth Level)

Configure nth level of approval authority and set the reminder email trigger, recommendation of next level and provision of auto approval of request. Manage all the approval work flow process with HRMS Software.

Thought of the day & announcement Setup

Keep the thought of the day of the whole month and get it notified to your employees every single day. Announce the important notification to all your employees at anytime via HR Software.

Employee Records

Have all the information of every single employee under one roof. Keep the personal details, salary detail, HR detail, contract detail, education, experience, hobby, children, spouse, nominee, vehicle etc.

Bulk Provision

  • Bulk master creation

Now your HR has the option to create bulk master creation, make the full use of HRMS software.

  • Bulk employee database creation

Create the employee database in bulk in one click from a single point with HRMS software.

  • Bulk employee confirmation

Within a single click, you can give bulk employee confirmation with HRMS. Completely hassle-free and time saving process with HRMS Software.

  • Bulk employee exit

Keep a record of employees who left the company. Have a backup of all the employees even after they leave your company.

  • Many more bulk provisions

Much more information, features, and functions to access with our HRMS software. Time to ease your work now.

Configure promotion & transfer

Wish to transfer any of your employees to any other branch of your company’s group? NO worries, we have got you covered. Do it with HRMS within a few clicks.

Manage audit trail

Now keep the data store at your backend even after the deletion of specific information of an employee

Configure company policy for employees

Update the policy documents for your employees within a few clicks at any point of time. All employees are notified at the same time.

Inbuilt notification

  • SMS notification

Immediate SMS notification feature relieves you from stress. Inform everyone with SMS service – an inbuilt feature in HRMS

  • Mobile push notification

Keep every employee updated with push notification service on cell phones with HRMS application

  • Email Notification

Give email notification to all employees with the HRMS software in a few clicks. Get set ready to ease your HR work

  • Application task / reminders / alerts

Send application tasks, application reminders, or send auto alerts to your employees regarding any concern with HRMS

Customized Dashboard

A completely customized control panel as well as handy at your HR service is available now. A one-stop solution for User, Supervisor, HR, Finance and Management needs.

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